Cloud Email Archiving

On-demand hosted cloud archiving that requires no hardware or software

Archiving and e-Discovery

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The Challenge

The volume of email is skyrocketing, growing by 500% over the last 10 years, which creates storage and operational challenges for data security and system performance.

Add in increased legal and regulatory requirements, and you understand why leading industry analysts believe every organization should archive its email.

As email volume continues to grow exponentially, your email servers are pushed to their limits, resulting in costly downtime and reduced productivity.

The Solution

FiLink Archiving is a email archiving solution that has been built from the ground up with grid computing infrastructure technologies to offer best-of-breed archiving and the most powerful search on the cloud.

We host your data (emails, attachments, files, IM, social media) in completely “customer-specific” data silos in our hosted environment to ensure that your data is never mixed with any other customer’s information.

With a hosted email archiving solution, you can address a number of IT needs at the same time. Most importantly, it frees up your limited resources, allowing your IT department more time to focus on your business’ strategic initiatives.

Simple, Powerful, Cost Effective

  • Storage – No hidden fees or fine print.  Store an unlimited amount of data at no extra cost.
  • All Data Searchable at All Times – Keeps all data online and immediately accessible for searches. There’s no need to migrate older data to other storage systems, the Archive is accessible at all times, regardless of time or place.
  • No Training Required – User interfaces are intuitive for all skill set levels. Extensive self-service online training videos guide users through all tasks. Administrators use self-service web UI’s to configure the system without the need for systems engineers.

Easy-to-use search features allowing search users to tap the full power of our cloud search engine. Co-mingled search across email, attachments and files.


Use legal holds, reporting, auditing, reviewing, tagging and more features to ensure that your organization can answer any eDiscovery request in minutes.