Compliance and Security Solutions for Finance and Banking

Credit card-financial background

Credit card-financial background

Secure Financial Data

Financial institutions have come under increasing pressure as Federal and state governments have passed laws and regulations that are designed to properly secure sensitive financial data. From GLBA, SB1386 (California), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and others, the loss of customer data can be costly. As the recent data breach at Sony shows, damage to your brand and credibility as well as loss of customers can far exceed the cost of government fines.

Mid-size financial organizations like banks, investment firms, credit unions, credit card companies, or other organizations in the financial services industry are required to take steps to secure their customers’ protected data. Filink has extensive experience solving compliance challenges for financial customers. We can help you meet your compliance requirements without interrupting your daily email routing.

No Interruption To Normal Mail

Email was designed to be a simple, fast, and universal communication method. Encryption solutions should not alter the way your organization uses this vital communication method. FiLink has designed hosted and on-premise solutions for email encryption that are easily configurable, fast to set up, and most importantly will NOT affect the everyday messages your business needs to send.

Accurate, Effective Gateway Policies

Our gateway scanning process uses intelligent filters to identify personal information in messages and ignore the regular email. Our scanning engines from ZixCorp, Palisade Systems, and Cisco Ironport are the most widely used and respect solutions in the industry, with a proven track record of accuracy and reliability. Regular mail is scanned and forwarded automatically, with no delay to delivery at all.