Eliminate the complexity of HIPAA Compliance

Secure, HIPAA Approved Email Encryption with Entrusted Mail

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Whether you are a covered entity or business associate, the changes to HIPAA through the HITECH Act should have your attention. While the primary compliance driver is HIPAA, many healthcare companies also face state regulatory and PCI requirements. Complying with regulations can be a challenge, but the cost of one breach of electronic protected health information (ePHI) is too high to ignore.

Violations could result in government fines, legal fees and costs associated with notification and personal protection. Impacting your organization even more is the loss of reputation with patients and partners.

Compliance and Security Solutions for Healthcare

EntrustedMail offers a complete suite of compliance and security products designed to quickly and safely meet your compliance requirements. All of our services are industry-proven, 100% compliant, and affordable for any size business.

EntrustedMail helps protect PHI with email encryption and archiving services that work with your existing mail network to:

  • Automatically Scan and Detect PHI in Outbound Mail
  • Enforce HIPAA Compliant Encryption
  • Allow replies and attachments
  • Collect read receipts, logs and audit evidence
  • No Interruption To Normal Mail

Email was designed to be a simple and fast. FiLink has designed hosted and on-premise solutions for email encryption that are easily configurable, fast to set up, and will not affect the everyday messages your business needs to send.

Intelligent Scanning to Find PHI

Our gateway scanning process uses intelligent filters to identify PHI in messages, and ignore the regular email. Our scanning engines from ZixCorp, Palisade Systems, and Cisco Ironport are the most widely used and respect solutions in the industry, with a proven track record of accuracy and reliability. Regular mail is scanned and forwarded automatically, with no delay to delivery at all.