Seamless Email Encryption with Gateway Scanning

zixgatewayZixGateway (formerly ZixVPM®) provides a secure email encryption service between an organization and its customers and business partners. ZixGateway enforces policy-based email encryption to automatically scan outbound emails for private information, preventing security breaches caused by user errors and meeting compliance requirements. ZixGateway is the only enterprise email encryption solution to offer fully transparent email communication for the sender and recipient.

Transparent Communication

When a ZixGateway customer sends encrypted email to another ZixGateway customer, the email is delivered securely without any additional effort from the sender or the recipient. Not even a password is needed.

Transparent communication through ZixGateway also significantly lightens the workload inherent in discovery and improves your company’s ability to archive important email messages. ZixGateway messages are secure in transit and decrypted in your inbox. With messages in the clear on your network, your employees will no longer spend time logging in and searching individual portals or decrypting push messages.

Hybrid Deployment

Sitting on the edge of your network, ZixGateway provides company-wide security with automatic content filtering and management of outbound corporate email. ZixGateway automatically encrypts sensitive data and determines the most efficient way to securely deliver messages using the ZixCorp Best Method of Delivery.

Unlike other solutions, the key management and secure message center portal are not hosted on-site, but rather in the ZixData Center. ZixGateway offers the benefits of a secure messaging gateway without the burden of managing encryption keys. ZixGateway uses a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that provides automatic retrieval and distribution of public encryption keys through ZixDirectory, the world’s largest email encryption directory.

For additional information, please view the ZixGateway datasheet.

Key Benefits
  • Transparent email communication to other ZixGateway users
  • Strengthened archiving capability with decrypted messages right on your network
  • Secure email messaging capability to anyone, anywhere
  • Automatic, built-in content scanning
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems
  • Quick deployment in less than a day
Key Features
  • Full content scanning of message and attachments
  • Centralized policy management, based on regulatory and corporate requirements
  • Automatic retrieval and distribution of public encryption keys through ZixDirectory
  • Extension of the proven ZixCorp Best Method of Delivery
  • FIPS 140-2 cryptographic engine
  • Available in a hardware appliance or virtual appliance