ZixGateway Hosted Email Encryption

With ZixGateway Cloud, we handle the most challenging aspects of email encrption and compliance for you. We host the industry leading ZixGateway in our SAS70 Type II data centers, eliminating the need to purchase expensive and complicated on-premise equipment.

Our ZixGateway Cloud service includes a full, dedicated, and managed deployment of the ZixGateway. Simply connect to our gateway network via your mail server or desktop mail client, and access enterprise class email encryption at a fraction of the price of an on-premise deployment.

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An Enterprise Solution in a Managed Cloud Service

Easy Setup

Using simple, secure mail channels from your network to ours, the ZixGateway scans your mail stream for HIPAA, SOX, GLB, PCI, Social Security Numbers, Credit Cards, or any other policy violations you can imagine. If we find a violation, we can encrypt it, block it, log it, and notify you.

Flexible Pricing

FiLink offers the most flexible pricing for hosted email encryption and email security. We have low per-user fees for our Gateway service, and you only pay for the Encryption Licensing for the users who need it.

  • Low Setup Fees
  • No User Minimums
  • Monthly or Annual Billing
  • No charge for custom policy creation during initial configuration
Always Affordable

On-premise email encryption solutions are designed and priced for Enterprise organizations, but FiLink makes enterprise-class technology affordable for even the smallest businesses. There’s no difference in the features, security, or recipient experience – just in the price!

Key Benefits
  • Transparent email communication to other ZixGateway users
  • Strengthened archiving capability with decrypted messages right on your network
  • Secure email messaging capability to anyone, anywhere
  • Automatic, built-in content scanning
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems
  • Quick deployment in less than a day
Key Features
  • Full content scanning of message and attachments
  • Centralized policy management, based on regulatory and corporate requirements
  • Automatic retrieval and distribution of public encryption keys through ZixDirectory
  • Extension of the proven ZixCorp Best Method of Delivery
  • FIPS 140-2 cryptographic engine