Enhanced Support for Email Encryption on Mobile Devices

Mobile users spend more time using e-mail on their phones than any other internet-based mobile activity. However, few options for email encryption have been optimized for mobile users. Mobile email encryption users have struggled through confusing layouts and cumbersome architectures. As a result, the power and benefits of secure email have been limited to desktop users. ZixMobility addresses these challenges and elevates the standards for convenient secure email anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device.


A feature of ZixPort and the ZixMessage Center, ZixMobility enables business to stretch beyond conventional mobile limits by offering:

To ensure convenient delivery of secure email to your most valuable customers and business partners, ZixMobility is a standard ZixCorp feature, without any extra cost to ZixCorp customers.

For additional information, please view the ZixMobility Datasheet.

Key Benefits
  • Seamless navigation between desktop and mobile device
  • Screen layouts designed based on user device
  • Maximized navigation based on user environment
  • Extended email life of one year or more
  • Functions across all internet-enabled mobile devices
Key Features
  • Convenient, secure email to your recipients through ZixPort at no extra cost
  • Access to secure email without cumbersome steps
  • No need to magnify and correct distorted layouts
  • Improved productivity with real-time access to secure email