Welcome to the new EntrustedMail Portal.

With this interface you will be able to manage your licensed email addresses, purchase more licenses and manage administrators.  You will be able to view the currently configured policies, view a history of changes, and more.

Prior to accessing the portal for the first time you will be provided with a username and password in an email.  Please reference this email before proceeding.
Please ensure you have pop-ups allowed for the EntrustedMail Portal as some pages require this.
The following instructions are divided into Logging In, Dashboard, Managing Licensed Emails, Renewing Licenses, Managing Administrators, and Viewing Administrative Events.

Logging In

1.  Access the portal via https://access.entrustedmail.net

2.  Enter your username and password.


3.  If this is your first login or you have requested a password reset then you will be required to enter a new password.  This new password must be a minimum of 8 characters with mixed case, numbers, and punctuation.  i.e. “Password123!”


4.  Upon successfully changing your password you will now be returned to the login page.  You can now login with your changed password.

5.  If you forget your password you can easily reset it by clicking the Reset Password link on the main login page.  You will receive an email with a unique link from which you can reset your password.


From the main dashboard you will be able to review your licensing information and expiration, and renew if it is due within 30 days; review your currently configured policies; manage your licensed email addresses; manage your administrators; review recent activity, and more.


Managing Licensed Email Addresses

On the Licensed Email Addresses page you will quickly see all licensed email accounts.  You will be able to add new emails, remove existing emails, update existing emails, and purchase new licenses if required.  You can also export a list of licensed email addresses for easy review in Excel or other software.


When you purchase new licenses you will be pro-rated for the remainder of your subscription term.  i.e., Your renewal date is January 1 and you purchase 2 more licenses on October 1 you will only be charged for the number of days remaining until your renewal date.  Additionally, if you move up a price tier then all licenses purchased will be in the next tier.  i.e., You have 47 of 47 licenses currently used and you purchase 3 more, then you will be charged the 50-99 price point for all 3 new licenses.  If you have questions please contact Sales.




1.  To add a new license click on the Add button.  You will see a box similar to the following image.  If you have no more licenses available, as in this example, or you are adding more email accounts than you have licenses you will be required to purchase more licenses.


2.  You will need to select an upload method, either Manual or CSV.

2a)  To add a list of emails manually select Manual.  This will prompt you to enter the user portion of the email.  You can add multiple emails by clicking the Add button.  When you are done click on Save.


2b) To add a list of emails via a CSV file you will first need to create a CSV file in the right format.  The format requires a CSV file with a single column and all fields must be marked in quotes.  First line: “Email”.  Second and later lines: ” email1@domain.com” and so on.  Warning – Processing more than 100 emails in a single CSV file may cause a delay in responding as the system analyzes each email in the file for licensing.  If you require a large number of emails to be entered please contact Support.


2c) After you have the CSV file created, access the portal and select CSV Upload.  Upload the file and click on Save.


3.  After you have added emails either manually or via a CSV file the system will check to see if you have available licenses for the number of emails you are adding.  If more licenses are required to be purchased the system will present a prompt to enter an optional Purchase Order # and then an option to pay by Credit Card or Check.


4. a1)  To pay with a Credit Card click on the button.  This will present you with a page to enter billing information.  The default billing address is the current administrator’s address.  At the bottom of the page you will see the total amount to be charged.  When you have entered the required information click Pay Now at the bottom of the page.



4. a2)  If the payment is successful you will be returned to the Licensed Email Addresses page with an option to save a copy of the invoice via PDF.


4. b1) To pay via Check click on the Mail Payment button.  You will be taken to a confirmation screen listing the amount to be charged.  Payments are Net30.


4. b2) If the amount is correct please click on the button to Confirm & Print.  This will process the licensing and present you with a pop-up to print the invoice and/or save it as a PDF.  You will need this to include with your payment.  After printing you can close the pop-up.

5.  After paying via Credit Card or Check you will be returned to the Licensed Email Addresses page.  You will see the newly added email addresses listed.



Renewing Licenses

 When you are within 30 days of your annual renewal date you will be prompted to renew your license subscriptions.  You may make this payment either with a credit card or via check.  Note: All licenses will be renewed at the applicable pricing tier for the total number of licenses purchased.  If you wish to decrease the amount of licenses you have please contact Sales.

1.  On the dashboard click the Renew link. Renew_1

2.  You will be presented with an order form listing your current total number of licenses, any applicable discounts, and the total.  Once you click on Pay Now you can select payment by credit card or by check.




Managing Administrators

You can have multiple administrators configured to access and manage your license subscriptions.  There are 3 levels of administrators.  A level 1 administrator has full access to your portal.  A level 2 administrator can perform general administrative functions.  A level 3 administrator is primarily a read-only administrator.
To add new administrators simply click the Add button at the top right.  You will need to enter the new administrators contact information and a password.  When this new administrator logs on for the first time they will need to change their password.



To delete or remove access for a given administrator click on the Delete button for the given administrator at the far right.  This will then put the administrator into an Inactive state.






Viewing Administrative Events

    From this screen you can review recent administrative events including logins, changes to licenses, purchase history, and management of administrators.  You can also export this as a CSV file.

In this example you can see the 2 new emails that were added via offline payment by check with invoice # 150909022415 in the amount of $145.56.